Himalayan Food Salts

Himalayan Salt is absolutely purest, pristine, natural, unrefined and cleanest Salt, it is free from pollution and any environmental impact. Himalayan Pink Salts found naturally within the pristine Himalayan Mountains, it is pure, hand mined and is being used in cooking for centuries.

Himalayan Salt has all the minerals and trace elements our body needs, the high mineral crystals range in colour from pure white to different shades of pink and deep red, available in many grain sizes, the clear crystals are the highest quality Himalayan Salt.

Himalayan Salt 500 Million Years in Making, it is available in Himalayan Mountains situated in Salt range of Pakistan for taste and health lovers around the world.

We provide premium grade Himalayan Salts throughout Europe. Every great meal deserves the perfect salt. Himalayan Salt is pre-pollution and without environmental impact. It is absolutely pristine, purest, totally natural, unrefined and cleanest. This is most complete salt available on earth. It has same value of minerals to the ancient primal ocean with all the minerals and traces required for a human body.

We have a mission to embrace the riches of the natural world with pure, refreshing and luxurious Himalayan crystal Salt Products with research & Innovation, making them available globally for health-conscious people, through mutually rewarding ventures with our business partners.

We produce a wide range of table salts in different packaging’s. We custom tailor our design and packings to meet various purposes and country requirements for clients across the world.

We offer 5 amazing of Himalayan food Salts in 8 particle sizes & Huge Selection of retail and Bulk Packaging Solutions:


Pink Himalayan Salt                Dark Pink Himalayan Salt        White Himalayan Rock Salt

Fine Pink Food Edible Eating  Fine Dark Pink Food Cooking   Fine White Food Edible Eating

Table Pink Salt Course Sole    Salt Granules                               Cooking Salt Granules

Transparent Crystal Salt                                   Black Himalayan Salts

Transparent Crystal White Salt                          Black Food Edible Eating

Chunks Granules                                                    Cooking Salt Granules

Particle Sizes:

  • Extra Fine (0.1-0.2 mm)
  • Fine (0.25-1 mm)
  • Fine Course (1-3 mm)
  • Course (2-6 mm)
  • Extra Course (8-16 mm)
  • Small Chunk (3-5 cm)
  • Medium Chunks (5-9 cm)

Himalayan Smoked Salts:

Smoked salt is an aromatic salt smoked with any number of select bark free woods for up to 14 days. The kind of wood used for smoking impacts the flavour, which can range from subtle to bold or even sweet. The most common choices are alder, apple wood, hickory, mesquite, and oak. Infused smoked salts like smoked bacon chipotle sea salt are very popular because of their dynamic flavour profiles.

Himalayan Flavoured Salts

  • 5 Herb Sea Salt
  • Basil Blended Sea Salt
  • Tomato Blended Sea Salt
  • Chilli Blended Sea Salt
  • Onion Blended Sea Salt
  • Garlic Blended Sea Salt
  • Rosemary Blended Sea Salt